Intercan Media Design Rolls Out New Affiliate Program

Bob Preston
MONTREAL — Intercan Media Design has launched a new gay affiliate company,

The company describes BonoboCash as an amalgam of three of its existing programs, including Squirtz and Videoboys. IMDI Marketing Director William Godin said that positive feedback from affiliates spurred him and his team to build this new program.

“Affiliates have raved about our press packs and custom content arrangements,” he said. “But we wanted to make the experience even better. By rolling all three of these very popular content sites into a single, integrated affiliate program, we have made it a whole lot easier for our affiliates to get what they need in order to make money.”

Godin also promised that he and his team would provide solid customer service.

“With a lot of affiliate programs you sign up and then you’re on your own,” he said. “We want a more dynamic relationship with our affiliates so we make ourselves available. If an affiliate has a question about how to do something, if they want custom content for a promotion they are doing, or if they have a suggestion on how we can improve the affiliate program in some way, that's exactly what we want to hear.”

BonoboCash affiliates will also be able to acquire customer support through the company's new profile on the social-networking website, which provides free customer-support and feedback services.

As a part of the launch, BonoboCash will be offering 75 percent payout for all new signups through the end of February.

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