Pure Play Media Releases Classic 'Maraschino Cherry' Feb. 16

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — The Feb. 16th release of “Maraschino Cherry” will mark the first DVD to be sent out under the new distribution deal between Video-X-Pix and Pure Play Media.

"Maraschino Cherry" was directed by Henry Paris, who also directed '70s Golden Age films "Barbara Broadcast" and "Naked Came the Stranger." The movie itself contains 16 sex scenes and features '70s Golden Age performers including Annette Haven, C.J. Laing, Constance Money, Leslie Bovee, Eric Edwards, Wade Nichols, and later mainstream actor/writer Spalding Gray.

The limited edition two-disc set contains an actual 35mm strip from a print of the film and an eight-page full-color booklet with liner notes from adult historian Benson Hurst. Gloria Leonard, who also appears in the film, is credited with the invention of phone sex, and the bonus disc contains an audio clip of her answering machine message.

Retailers who would like to place an order or get further information should email sales@pureplaymedia.com.