Topco Announces 3 New Hires Sales

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Topco Sales has added three employees: Greg Holdridge joins the sales department, Alla Vayner joins the laboratory and Erica Heathman is a new member of the product development department.

Holdridge’s duties include expanding upon existing licensing and branding relationships with customers. His previous experience includes serving as the director of product development at Allied International and vice president of sales and marketing at Kleen Maid.

"I have a unique perspective, coming from mainstream sales," Holdridge said. "The adult novelty business is so much more dynamic. I'm really excited about what Topco is doing, and that I am now part of that."

Vayner is now senior R&D chemist in the basic solution division at Topco Sales. She has a master’s degree in mathematics and science and spent years researching and developing new skin and haircare products at Aware Products prior to joining Topco Sales.

"I'm really excited about working at Topco, where I have met some very nice people," Vayner said. "I'm hoping that I can help the company expand its personal care line by developing new and innovative products."

Erica Heathman is the former managing editor at AVN Novelty Business magazine. She joins the product development department at Topco Sales as product development coordinator.

"Topco is definitely a leader in the industry, and I've closely followed their innovations for years," Heathman said. "To now be part of the process, helping to design and develop new products, is an exciting opportunity."