Comcast Launches Investigation Into Super Bowl Incident

Bob Preston
TUSCON, Ariz. — According to Comcast, someone actively planned to sneak porn into the Super Bowl.

During a pivotal moment during Sunday's telecast of the NFL championship game, Comcast customers in some parts of Arizona were shocked to see the Arizona Cardinals' go-ahead touchdown dissolve into a 30-second excerpt from the Club Jenna title "18 'n' Up Wet Poons."

The cable and Internet provider immediately launched an investigation into the incident, which they're saying was an "isolated, malicious act." Comcast corporate affairs manager Kelle Maslyn said that her company is currently pursuing "some leads."

"We are appalled by [the] Super Bowl interruption," Maslyn said in a statement. "The Super Bowl is a family viewing event and [Sunday] night was even more special here in Arizona as we were all cheering for the Cardinals."

The scene in question showed adult performer Evan Stone unzipping his pants and exposing himself. According to online reports, there was another interruption, but it only showed credits from what as presumably the same title.

Stone got a good laugh out of the whole affair, joking that he was behind it all.

"Oh, it was all a master plan," he told XBIZ. "I had been planning this for years. It serves them right for not letting me play in the game."

In response to customer complaints, Comcast is offering a $10 credit. Angry customers should call (888) 315-8219.