Adult Rental Now Offering Flash Movies

Tod Hunter
TORONTO — Video-on-demand provider Adult Rental has announced the launch of Flash-delivered movies. With Flash installed on 99 percent of the world’s Internet-connected computers, Adult Rental can offer universal accessibility as it migrates its full library of titles into h.264 and .flv formats.

“We want our videos to simply work,” said Chris Marion, product manager of Adult Rental. "With Flash’s ubiquitous market penetration, and the familiarity the surfers have with Flash thanks to YouTube, we hope to open up an entirely new market to our product. Mac users can now access our content without installing additional intermediary applications. With the expanding popularity of Mac, Portable and Linux platforms, we will be able to serve a powerful new growth market."

The addition of Flash also allowed Adult Rental to improve its site design.

"Being able to design our Flash Player to integrate with our movie pages allows us to deliver to the customers the optimal experience,” Marion said. “It has allowed us to add additional flair and offer mini-scene previews for each movie. There has never been an easier way to find those choice moments. It’s quick and intuitive: what you want, when you want it.”

Adult Rental’s library currently includes more than 40,000 DVDs, and offers affiliates $35 per signup or 35 percent revenue share.

“Adult Rental is a premium product and a product which has fantastic value, two attributes which rarely come together," Marion said. "With a clean interface — no cross-sells, no pop-ups, no exits — to-the-second billing, and now with Flash, we are confident that Adult Rental is the strongest VOD product in the marketplace.”

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