Bankruptcy Threat Hampers Copenhagen’s Museum Erotica

Nikki Tang
COPENHAGEN — Museum Erotica in Copenhagen is facing potential bankruptcy due to a last-minute withdrawal from potential investors.

The museum, which chronicles erotica through the years with more than 1,500 artifacts and pictures, will be forced to sell its entire collection and close its doors if it does not receive the necessary funding within the next few days.

“We think it’s very important that people know about sexual and erotic history as it defines many gender roles today,” museum chief executive Hanne Stensgaard said. “We’ve been hopeful [that we would secure investors] for a long time, and miracles can happen, but if we don’t get the funding within a week, we will have to close.”

A request to support the museum was recently denied by city council’s cultural committee.

Among the museum’s artifacts is an outline of the history of Playboy, as well as a dress worn by Marilyn Monroe.