Offers 1-Hour Delivery to Chicago Residents

Nikki Tang
CHICAGO — Adult novelty retailer offers its customers guaranteed one-hour delivery via bicycle in Chicago.

Owner Anthony Mikrut, who has been running the business from his apartment for the past two-and-a-half years, personally delivers the products. He told XBIZ that customers could order toys, DVDs, clothing and more online any day of the week at any time.

“The niche is that we guarantee delivery within an hour for people in Chicago,” he said. “We also offer next-day delivery for free. Thank goodness it’s busier after 6 p.m. — I also manage a bike store.”

Mikrut adds that he has never advertised his business, and that “it was always just word of mouth. My customers tell their friends, and it goes on from there. Recently everything’s been taking off really fast.”

Plans for a boutique are also in the works, according to Mikrut, who is currently looking into properties and investors.

“When I worked in the printing industry, I visited Canada a lot,” he said. “While I was there, I would visit sex stores, and I noticed that they had a totally different style. They’re more stylish, friendlier and more open to women. And from what I’ve seen, the European boutiques are stores. They’re not dirty places that make you nervous like a lot of the ones in Chicago. I really want to open something nicer.”

Mikrut said the store would focus on high-end lingerie and latex, and that some of his ideas include a private fitting room, a party room and limo service.

“I’ve noticed that a lot of people feel more at ease when they’re in an environment they feel comfortable in,” he said. “Every time I show up at somebody’s door, there’s always a big smile on their face. I love it.”

Standard one-hour delivery in Chicago — “the most popular option,” according to Mikrut — costs $5. Customers outside Chicago pay $1 for shipping, and doesn’t charge sales tax for out-of-state orders.