Private Releases ‘Billionaire 2’

BARCELONA — Private Media Group has announced the release of “Billionaire 2.”

The second release in the series continues with treasure hunter Jack Duval in his quest for the “Eye of Destiny.” The movie stars Tarra White, Cherry Jul, Doris, Kathy Campbel and Zafira.

“I think these films have brought a big smile to a lot of people’s faces,” director Alessandro de Mar said. “At a time when the world seems to be going through a very dark moment, people want fantasy and escapism to help them forget their problems and I really hope ‘Billionaire’ does that and also inspires people to live out their dreams and reminds them that life is a quest for knowledge and happiness and about having fun along the way.”

The “Billionaire” series is shot in HD and the latest release features an extra scene and backstage footage.

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