HakaWholesale Offers V-Day Discount on Small Plugs

Nikki Tang
PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Adult novelty retailer HakaWholesale is offering a 10-percent discount on all its small Pretty Plugs through Feb. 10 in honor of Valentine’s Day.

“Because people are stocking up right now, we’ve been really busy with orders for Valentine’s Day,” said Wendy York, managing director for HakaWholesale. “By cutting [the sale] off at Tuesday, people still have a chance at getting their order by Valentine’s Day.”

York added that the sale is “just a thank you to our clients. They’ve been very good to us and supportive of our business, so this is a way to say thank you.”

The sale includes all small Pretty Plugs with the exception of the limited-edition styles.

For more information, visit HakaWholesale.com.