XFANZ TV's Look at Triangle Films Concludes

Tod Hunter
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — XFANZ TV concludes its look behind the scenes at production company Triangle Films' "When Ginger Met Nina" today.

The segment starts with Justine Joli raiding the fridge in a post-scene afterglow.

"There are two things I have to do after I have sex," Joli tells the XFANZ TV cameras. "I must pee, and I must eat. Usually, after sex you'll find me here, fighting with the fridge."

Julia Ann and Lisa Ann talk about their scene together.

The XFANZ camera then focuses on Julia Ann and Lisa Ann and their scene. Both discuss their prior scenes together, including when they took the pizza delivery at a location shoot.

"Our delivery guy was not from Big Sausage Pizza, did not have an STD test, and was a virgin," Lisa Ann says.

"We got the only virgin pizza delivery boy in Los Angeles county," Julia Ann continues.

"He said he was waiting for someone special," Lisa Ann concludes. "I told him that was gonna be a problem."

"When Ginger Met Nina," also features Ginger Lynn, Nina Hartley and Sasha Grey.

To watch the report, visit XFANZ website.