Ships New Sex Machine

Tod Hunter
SEATTLE — uGenesis Limited, the parent company of, has announced the delivery of their most advanced sex machine to date, a 6-foot round sofa with a sex machine hidden covertly in its base.

The machine was built for a San Fernando Valley-based webcasting facility.

"This machine is unlike many of the other custom machines we have built over the years," said uGenesis CEO Allen Stein. "My clients, Butter Butter Productions, wanted a sex machine that actually worked on a few different levels. First, would it give a ground shattering orgasm? And second, could it be driven via the web to allow for live remote interactive sex? We over delivered on both, and on top of that made an absolutely beautiful piece of furniture."

Users of the new machine can get a shiatsu massage while listening to music. The machine also comes equipped with a custom-made automatic lube dispensing device. The hidden vibrator's features can be controlled by the user with a touch screen or remotely through the Internet.

The machine has been installed at the Butter Butter Productions studios in Canoga Park, Calif. Fans will be able to remote-drive the machine live on the Internet at the end of January.

uGenesis Limited is a consultancy agency specializing in sexual technology. Ugenesis works with its clients to identify emerging market opportunities and translate the data compiled into new product and service experiences.

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