XFANZ TV's Look at Triangle Films Continues

Tod Hunter
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — XFANZ TV continues its look behind the scenes at production company Triangle Films' "When Ginger Met Nina" today.

Today's segment focuses on veteran performers Julia Ann and Lisa Ann doing a scene together.

"It was an emotional scene. It was very real because Lisa Ann and Julia Ann are really good friends," director Kathryn Annelle says. "It was a toy-free scene.

"It was real," Annelle adds with a grin. "It was real."

The XFANZ camera then focuses on Julia Ann and Lisa Ann shooting their scene.

"We cater to a niche audience," Annelle says. "We show women really having sex. When lesbians see our movies, they know they're real. We're bringing in women who genuinely love other women."

"When Ginger Met Nina," also features Ginger Lynn, Nina Hartley, Sasha Grey and Justine Jolie.

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