Penthouse Launches New Lingerie Line, Website

Bob Preston
BUFFALO, N.Y. — Penthouse has launched a new website to go with its new line of high-end lingerie. The site is called

The new site eschews a sleek, modern design in favor of a retro, throwback look that recalls old 1950s pinup calendars. To that end, most of the models are made up in a Bettie Page-style retro style.

Penhouse has divided its new lingerie line into four categories: Sexy Pet, Wild Pet, Sweet Pet and Naughty Pet. All four have their own distinct styles that range from the black-and-red palette of the Sexy Pet line to the more traditional looks of Sweet Pet.

A representative for Penthouse expounded on the design philosophy behind the Naughty Pet line.

"The designers combined the eye-catching print with black denim to create a rock ’n’ roll collection," the representative said. "The grouping will appeal to women of all ages. The collection includes sexy separates and some pieces that are suited to wear as both lingerie and steamy street wear. Details like eyelets, lacing and handcuff charms are reminiscent of the aesthetics of the glam rockers in the decedent 80s."

Representatives said that the Wild Pet collection features a "wet" knit look combined with a a red, ivory and black print scheme.

"The group has a more edgy feel and appeals to a more wild woman," the representative said. "[The look is] inspired by the Hollywood bad girl whose 'bad' behavior delights the press and public. The garments within the group range from risqué bedroom wear to pieces that can be styles to wear out to the club."

Penthouse is offering consumers free ground shipping until February on all orders. For more information, visit