Blatino Erotica Awards Name '09 Winners

JC Adams
CHICAGO — Gay adult performers Aarin Driver and Ian Rock will be cited for their achievements at the 2009 Blatino Erotica Awards in early May. The newcomers and real-life boyfriends will be crowned Top Bottom and Top Top, respectively, while Eddie Diaz is to be crowned Best Porn Star.

Additionally, retired performer Bobby Blake will receive Lifetime Achievement honors.

The Blatino Erotica Awards are scheduled to unspool during the Blatino Oasis event May 8 – 11 in Palm Springs, Calif. The honors were established to recognize contributions made to various aspects of gay adult entertainment by black and Latino performers.

"Ian and Aarin have quickly gained notice and the adoration of fans and producers alike," organizers said. "Their blistering appearance in 'Marc's Hawaiian Dream' really showed that two masculine men with undeniable chemistry can really tear it up in the bedroom. That one scene alone was worthy of top honors."

Both performers are currently onscreen in "Black Balled 6: Under the Hood" (All Worlds Video).

"Superstar Eddie Diaz is pure sexual energy with a sleek, muscular frame, luscious chocolate-brown skin and an adorable face that has won him an international following," organizers said.

A former Rascal Video exclusive, Diaz is currently onscreen in "Black Balled 6" as well as "Barrett Long’s XXX Amateur Hour 6" (Dirty Bird Pictures, "Winter Heat" (Falcon Studios) and "Wood Work" (Hot House).

Last year's inaugural Blatino Erotica Awards honored performers Mario Cruz, Sebastian Rio, Supreme and Marc Williams. Pitbull Productions marquee star Tiger Tyson received the Lifetime Achievement award.