XFANZ TV Looks at Triangle Films' 'When Ginger Met Nina'

Tod Hunter
HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — XFANZ TV takes a look behind the scenes at production company Triangle Films' "When Ginger Met Nina" today.

The segment starts with performers Sasha Grey and Justine Jolie dressing in lingerie then stripping and posing for stills.

The XFANZ camera then catches the behind the scenes chat as Grey and Jolie check each other's STD tests.

"She tested negative. That's always a good thing," Jolie says, giving a thumbs up.

"The feature is about Ginger and a few other women in town for a high school reunion," director Kathryn Annelle says. "It features Ginger Lynn and Nina Hartley in their first scene together after 25 years in the business."

"When Ginger Met Nina," also features performers Julia Ann and Lisa Ann.

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