Big Teaze Starts Shipping New B3 Products

Nikki Tang
WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. — Adult toy manufacturer Big Teaze has started shipping its C-Case and Dai-Dö, two recent additions to its B3 line.

The C-Case, a brushed aluminum condom case, and the Dai-Dö, an anodized aluminum dildo, were formally introduced in 2008 as additions to the B3, or “affordable luxury,” line, and have since appeared in several trade shows, including the 2009 Adult Entertainment Expo.

“The C-Case has generated quite a bit of interest at the shows,” said Pamela McKee, sales and public relations representative for Big Teaze. “It’s very simple and elegant.”

McKee added that the C-Case is capable of holding three condoms, individual packs of lubricant or towlettes or all of the above.

The Dai-Dö is dishwasher safe and features a non-slip silicone grip. It is currently available in red and black, and it comes in six different styles.

“The Dai-Dö is very different and very innovative because aluminum is such a great conductor of temperature,” McKee told XBIZ. “We actually sold out of our first production run. We’re just about to sell out of our second production run, too, and we haven’t even received it yet. We’re starting to see a lot of interest in this.”

Big Teaze has also released a 3-speed version of its I Rub My Duckie, a duck-shaped vibrator, because “We have gotten a lot of requests for it over the years,” McKee said. “So we released it and repackaged it. We just started shipping it probably in the last month or so. I would definitely say it has some promise to it.”

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