Company Offering Production Insurance for Adult Shoots

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. — Alon Ben-Nun, vice president at C.M. Meiers Co., is offering production insurance to his adult business clients, one of several lines of policies Ben-Nun has offered for years.

Ben-Nun also offers production insurance, workers compensation insurance and general liability insurance for the adult industries.

“Currently we are providing our clients a number of options that include but are not limited to general liability, renter/owned property, including blanket [unlimited] certificate requests and third-party property damages," Ben-Alon said. "We understand that there is a need for our products, and we want to provide it to as many filmmakers, directors and producers as possible."

Insurance quotes are usually produced within 48 hours after applications and loss runs have been received. "Our current clients have been extremely happy with our quote results and usually end up saving a good amount of money from their prior policies and/or alternative quotations," Ben-Alon said.

For more information or request for insurance, email Ben-Nun at