Vicky Vette Celebrates Inauguration With ‘No More Bush’ Cam Show

CYBERSPACE — Vicky Vette will perform a members only live “No More Bush” cam show tonight in which she will shave.

The event is scheduled to air at 7 p.m.

“People around the world kept on saying ‘no more bush’ every time I listened to the radio or television and it got me thinking about mine,” Vette said. “So, since people want ‘no more bush’and in the spirit of ‘change,’ I am shaving my off bush, and doing it live. The inauguration of our new president is a worldwide celebration that bush is no longer in vogue – so I am inviting people from around the world to celebrate with a ‘No More Bush – Shaving for Change’ cam show event.”

To get the show live, sign up to, or