Raging Stallion, Lucas Entertainment Battle in the Press

JC Adams
SAN FRANCISCO AND NEW YORK CITY — A pair of gay adult studios have engaged in a game of public one-upmanship this week as they tout recent accomplishments with dueling press releases.

In San Francisco, Raging Stallion Studios announced they had run out of stock on "To the Last Man," its XBIZ Awards-nominated cowboy epic.

"We sold out of all 5,000 units of the initial run earlier this week, with strong orders from Europe leading the charge," the studio announced. "Normally, a 5,000-unit run will last eight to twelve months, even for a hit movie. The numbers being seen on 'To the Last Man' are extraordinary."

The studio has placed an "emergency order" with its DVD replicator and will resume filling wholesale orders on Friday. Enough stock is on hand to fulfill orders placed before Jan. 12.

"We are astounded at the demand for this film. We have not seen numbers like this since 'Arabesque' three years ago. Customer feedback has been outstanding," Raging Stallion principal Chris Ward said, "and I think word-of-mouth is really getting out there that this movie is the must-own gay movie of the year."

On the opposite coast, in New York City, rival studio Lucas Entertainment took an opportunity to tweak the Raging Stallion announcement and issued its own tongue-in-cheek press release.

"Lucas Entertainment is proud to announce that the company has planned far enough ahead to meet demand for 'Return to Fire Island,' the best-reviewed title of 2008," the studio said.

"Sales of the title have been awe-inspiring since its release in late November. The company has filled orders from every corner of the globe, including North America, Europe and Africa without delays or service interruptions."

"Fans have been clamoring for a 'Fire Island Cruising' title for years, and I knew this was going to be our biggest production of the year," studio principal Michael Lucas said. "We definitely wanted to be able to fulfill everyone's holiday wish. I had numerous meetings with our staff and made sure we would not run out of stock."

For Lucas Entertainment wholesale-retail information, visit Lucas Distribution online, or call (888) 562-9125.

Wholesale and retail information regarding the Raging Stallion catalog can be found online at their official site, or by calling (877) 327-0707.

Both companies recently received XBIZ Awards nominations as LGBT Studio of the Year.