Rick’s Cabaret Opens Largest All-Nude Club in Texas

Nikki Tang
DALLAS, Texas — Rick’s Cabaret International Inc. announced today that it is converting one of its Dallas locations into the largest all-nude club in Texas.

The two-story club will occupy 25,000 square feet in “one of the finest physical locations in the entire country,” said Eric Langan, Rick’s Cabaret president and CEO. “We will benefit from an absolutely ideal location on the heavily traveled I-35 Stemmons Freeway near the American Airlines Arena and just a few miles north of the famous Dallas West End retail and recreation center.”

The new club, which will include several plasma TV screens and an executive level with skyboxes, will not be able to serve alcohol since it is located in a “dry” district. A spokesman for Rick’s Cabaret said patrons would be allowed to bring their own alcohol.

The club is scheduled for a three-day grand opening Jan. 15-17 under the XTC Cabaret banner, which is the brand Rick’s Cabaret uses for all-nude strip clubs. The celebration will feature guest entertainers from XTC Cabaret locations in Austin and San Antonio, as well as from Tootsie’s Cabaret in Miami.