Boulevard Distribution Adds Glitter

JC Adams
MISSION HILLS, Calif. — The first gay adult feature produced and distributed in New Zealand will soon reach the U.S. Nascent wholesaler Boulevard Distribution has made a deal with Glitter Films to import its debut erotic feature "John" to the U.S. market.

Auckland-based Glitter Films was formed by producer-director Astrid Glitter in 2005. "John" was filmed and released the following year; in 2008, it screened at the Porn Film Festival in Berlin.

Glitter said a survey of her friends and acquaintances about adult films revealed two missing key ingredients. "The answer was consistent: a story, and real people. That's what we have given them in 'John.' That’s what makes 'John' so different from the rest."

She told XBIZ in an earlier interview that "John" was a risky proposition. "Not only was it the first 100 percent Kiwi-made [gay adult] film, not only was it being made by a woman, but we made porn with soul."

Boulevard Distribution principal Andy Goode said the film is "not only arousing, but moving and inspirational. Astrid Glitter is the real deal — an awesome crossover talent."

The film features James L. West in his erotic debut. He was cast after responding to a newspaper advertisement placed by producers in a local newspaper.

Supporting players include Richard Allen, Roger Beresford, Lukas Dahlin, Marie Fobson, Jade Harris, Leigh, Quentin and Tamsin Stone.

"John" additionally features an original score composed by native New Zealanders.

Wholesale-retail inquiries may be made via email, or by calling (818) 892-4427.