Salem Debates Legality of Adult Entertainment

Nikki Tang
SALEM, Mass. — Salem City Council announced Tuesday that the city’s licensing board will host a public hearing to discuss newly proposed regulations regarding the legality of adult entertainment businesses.

At the hearing, scheduled for Monday night, the licensing board will accept public comments regarding the board’s “set of rules and standards for the applications for adult entertainment license,” according to the notice issued by city council.

Since the attempt by Salem officials to create an “adult zone” two years ago met with public protest, the city currently has no strip clubs or novelty shops within its limits, according to the Salem News. City officials, such as Licensing Board Chairman Dave Shea, have stressed the importance of finalizing the regulations.

“I think it’s prudent you come up with something,” Shea said. “Now the entire city is vulnerable to having one of these establishments open. There is no zoning to regulate it, and [there are] no rules to prevent it.”

Following the hearing, the licensing board will submit its recommendations to city council, according to the Salem News.