Raging Stallion Touts Best of 2008 ManNet Nods

JC Adams
SAN FRANCISCO — Twenty-four gay adult titles released in 2008 by Raging Stallion Studios and its various subsidiary lines are named on the 12th Annual Best 100 Videos of the Year list issued by gay adult review website ManNet.com, leading Raging Stallion to claim top honors among all GLBT companies.

Sixteen of its total citations were for the flagship Raging Stallion brand, while the remaining eight belong to subsidiary lines it produces and/or distributes.

Those lines are Berlin-based Cazzo Films and Eastern European studio High Octane, as well Collin O'Neal Productions, which Raging Stallion distributes.

Films on the ManNet list that were produced via talent-led labels include Centurion Pictures (from director and studio partner JD Slater), Monster Bang Video (performer-director Michael Brandon) and Screaming Eagle XXX (performer-director Jake Deckard).

The studio said its numerous citations are "a remarkable achievement that further cements Raging Stallion's position at the top of the porn pyramid."

"The ManNet list is the first event of the porn awards season, and we are very pleased to have so many releases singled out for inclusion," said Raging Stallion President Chris Ward.

He added, "We strive to make sure that every movie we release has the high standards that Raging Stallion customers have come to expect and enjoy. Everyone at Raging Stallion has worked hard over the past year and I am very happy that ManNet has included us on the list of the Best of 2008."

Ward said the company maintains a "refund guarantee" that allows a customer to keep the title for free if they are unhappy with it; boutique studio Hot Desert Knights recently announced a similar program.

The High Octane titles mentioned by ManNet are "Lock Down" and "Masters & Servants," while the Cazzo titles are "Luthando," "Matchmaker" and "Reality Sex." "East Berlin," "Edinburgh" and "Serbia" come from Collin O'Neal Productions.

The 16 RSS titles include "Bar Back," "The Drifter," "Home Bodies," "Hotter Than Hell 1-2," "Jock Itch 1-2," "Maximus" and "On the Job."

The studio’s megabudget cowboy epic "To the Last Man 1-2" also was cited; that film received a recent XBIZ Awards nomination as GLBT Film of the Year, while Raging Stallion earned a nod as GLBT Studio of the Year.

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