XFANZ TV Gets Up Close with Poppy Morgan

Tod Hunter
LOS ANGELES — The XFANZ TV cameras interviewed veteran performer Poppy Morgan in an Up Close feature called "Confessions of a Fluffer."

"Gary flew into town, and I said, 'Hey, I'll hang around set, see if you need a hand,'" Morgan told XFANZ during a break from Harmony Films' "Young Harlots." "There was a lot of guys yesterday that were struggling a little bit to keep wood. In a gangbang scene you'll see a guy, out of the corner of your eye, wanking when they really should be in the scene fucking.

"I just squatted down on my knees and opened my mouth really wide and all these cocks started flying at me. I called Gary yesterday and said 'Do you want me to do it again?' He said yeah."

Harmony Films' "Young Harlots." Stars Annie Andersin with Tommy Gunn, Marco Banderas, Oliver Sanchez, Jack Lawrence and others.

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