Lingerie Football League Player Sues Boyfriend Over Nude Pics

Bob Preston
TAMPA — The Lingerie Football League has a new scandal.

For the uninitiated, the Lingerie Football League made its informal debut during halftime of Super Bowl XXXVIII, when two teams of lingerie- and body-armor-clad models played 7-on-7 football. In that inaugural game, Team Dream beat Team Euphoria 6-0.

The scandal involves 24-year-old Melissa Berry, who plays linebacker for the LFL's Tampa Breeze. Berry is seeking $15,000 in unspecified damages from her ex-boyfriend, 45-year-old Mark Dawson.

She's accusing Dawson of posting nude pictures of her online and then emailing the compromising photos to her mother.

The nude photos apparently do exist, taken by Berry with his cell phone. Berry said she didn't want anyone else to see the images, which apparently include one explicit image.

After the images wound up online, Berry destroyed Dawson's cell phone, which prompted him to send a text message to her mother about the broken phone, demanding $500 in reparation.

“I could have had her arrested and I didn’t,” Dawson said. “All I wanted was this phone back. I am a decent guy."

In 2005, the Lingerie Football League expanded to five teams, and in 2009 the league will formally launch with 10 teams and a full schedule of games, culminating in the Lingerie Bowl.

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