Prostate Cradle Offers External Prostate Massage

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — The Prostate Cradle, which became available for consumers online last March, continues to be a bestseller for men who want to have a healthier prostate and a healthier sex life.

The Prostate Cradle, which was created by Certified Massage Therapist Adam McVay, is the first non-invasive, anatomically correct prostate massager, according to the Prostate Cradle website. Now men can enjoy all the benefits of invasive prostate massage, including an increase in circulation and a reduction in prostate-associated problems, not just without discomfort, but also with stimulation.

“The Prostate Cradle massages the entire perineum, or the ‘male G-spot’ area,” the Prostate Cradle website says. “Stimulating this area may lead to timeless moments beyond anything you have ever experienced. It feels wonderful.”

This stimulation can also help men locate tantric acupressure points they may not be aware of, which can heighten and prolong sexual stimulation.

“It took years to find the right shape, size and materials,” McVay said, “but once the Cradle took form, it helped massage my prostate back to health. It also improved the health of my sex life, which was an added bonus.”

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