Hathor Aphrodisia Offers Aphrodisiacs

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Canadian lubricant and lotion manufacturer Hathor Aphrodisia is now offering an organic line of personal products that serve as aphrodisiacs.

The products, which include Lubricant Pure, Exotic Love Oil, Sensual Love Lotion and Lubricant Lickeurs, are like aphrodisiacs because they “create a romantic mood and stimulate sexual pleasure through their powerful influence over mind, body and spirit,” according to the Hathor website.

Hathor Aphrodisia products also contain only organically cultivated essential oils and pure botanical emollients.

“We believe it is important to support sustainable agriculture,” Hathor says on its website. “Organic cultivation and ethical wild crafting are essential to the health of our future.”

Hathor Aphrodisia products are available for purchase at HathorBody.com HathorBody.com.