Dark Alley Taunts Santa With ‘XXX-mas’ Sale

JC Adams
NEW YORK CITY — Gay boutique studio Dark Alley Media has announced a new DVD sale to lure consumer holiday dollars. Its “Naughty or Nice” deal offers a two-tier pricing plan.

“Our innovative new Christmas sale lets you tell Santa which movies you want for XXX-mas,” the studio said.

The “Nice Pack” proffers any three DVDs from the Dark Alley catalog for $99; however, the alternative “Naughty Pack” features any five DVDs for $150.

“We are quite frankly tired of this blatant discrimination against naughty boys,” said Owen Hawk, performer, director and studio principal. “Does Santa think he gets to be the sex police? Who appointed this guy moral guardian of the world?”

Thus, Dark Alley came up with the “Naughty or Nice” sale, whose “Naughty” option offers a better value.

“We think Santa has for millennia practiced an unfair, and quite frankly unjust, policy that severely limits the rights of naughty boys around the world,” Hawk said.

“We are taking steps to correct this,” he added.

Dark Alley Media recently received an XBIZ Awards nomination as GLBT Studio of the Year; additionally, its summer feature “Tattoo Twinks” was nominated as GLBT Film of the Year.

For details, visit the studio’s official website.