Lust Cosmetics Releases New Products

TORONTO — Lust Cosmetics has released a new line of female and couple-friendly products.

The new line of products includes Lust’s Liquid Lust Arousal Mist, Lust for O and Lust for Double O pleasure potions. Its new line is created from natural ingredients.

“The Arousal Mist, Lust for O and Double O are inducing, not irritating,” Lust director of marketing and sales Jordan Benson said. “We use ingredients like peppermint and menthol to create a tingle, and capsicum to open skin's capillaries, making it more sensitive — we don't use irritants, we want to enhance the sexual experience in a natural way.”

Liquid Lust is an arousal mist that sprays on and contains L-Arginine, a health supplement that elevates levels of nitric oxide in the skin, which intensifies circulation to the skin’s surface on contact.

Lust for O and Lust for Double O are topical potions with formulas similar to Liquid Lust.

Luquid Lust, Lust for O and Lust for Double O are available in specialty stores in Canada, U.S. and the U.K.

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