Funfactory USA Releases New Line of Cockrings, Kegel Balls

Ariana Rodriguez
BURBANK, Calif. — Funfactory USA has released a new line of cockrings branded as Loverings and kegel balls called Smartballs Teneo Uno.

The Lovering 8ight is named after its shape. It has two holes of different sizes: one for the penis and other which holds an optional Love Bud used to stimulate the clitoris or anus.

According to Fun Factory CMO Rudy Kottbauer, the reason for the redesign came from feedback received regarding the company’s original design.

Fun Factory also produces the Rain and Flame Loverings, which also are named after their shape.

“Our Loverings don’t look like most other cockrings on the market,” Kottbauer said. “Others are very plain and there’s no fun design behind it. Funfactory toys are very functional but they also are fashioned to look like a fun toy, which should not at all intimidate anyone. Any Funfactory toy is never too intimidating to use.”

Loverings are made from silicone. They are flexible, odorless and easy to clean.

Funfactory products are mainly geared towards women, according to Kottbauer, but discussions regarding a male line aimed at gay men have begun.

“Men and women have a very different taste in toys,” Kottbauer said. “Therefore it is difficult to focus on both sexes at the same time. However, we’ve learned that when women love our toys, the men are equally happy and go along with the women’s taste. The Lovering 8ight’s purpose is to make the woman sexually satisfied, not only the man.”

The Smartballs Teneo Uno are meant to exercise pelvic muscles, which leads to more sensitivity during sex. The original Smartballs are made of elastomer, while the Smartballs Teneo Uno are made from silicone. Other revamped features include the inner workings of the Teneo Uno and the “easy-in” finger hollow.

“The internal life of the newer Smartballs is different,” Kottbauer said. “There is a trace inside the Smartballs where the metal balls can only move through, making it more balanced and with a better rhythm. Also, the new Smartballs are more easily inserted. The new Smartballs are covered with medical grade silicone and underneath it has elastomer — the safe kind of rubber that has no phalates in it.”

The packaging for the above Funfactory products include labeled diagrams and instructional pamphlets. Funfactory also encourages recycling the packaging material as part of the instructions.

“Stephanie Hoewel, our designer from Germany, is a detail-oriented woman who doesn’t design anything without a 100 or more thoughts behind any packaging or marketing material she designs,” Kottbauer said. “It is so detailed and fulfills perfection that it surprises everyone even within the company all the time. She is an amazing designer that not only has the eye for real beauty, but also understands the customers’ and retail shops’ needs and therefore includes detailed instructions regarding functionality.”