Beamonstar Proclaims Success at AdultCon15

PHOENIX — Beamonstar entertained AdultCon15 attendees with adult star Ron Jeremy as guest of honor and free samples.

Beamonstar fans visited its booth during last weekend’s three-day AdultCon event that took place at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Visitors received free samples of the ExtenZe “Big Johnson” sexual energy drinks.

According to the company, the drinks were popular among the guests. “Big Johnson” is currently available for sale at stores and clubs.

Beamonstar had several of its products available for sale at AdultCon including ExtenZe 4-Tab Blister Pack and ExtenZe 30-Tablet Box and XploZion orgasm intensifier.

“XploZion was a favorite amongst men,” a company representative said. “As always, ExtenZe sold like crazy. Couples and women were happy that there was a product designed for them, Sweeten69, there to try out. Between all our sales of ExtenZe, XploZion, and Sweeten69, no doubt that after the show there were many happy endings and satisfied customers.”

Fans waited at the booth to have their photo taken with Ron Jeremy, who also signed autographs. To view images of the event, visit

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