Free Speech Coalition Engages New Lobbyist

Tod Hunter
CANOGA PARK, Calif. — Adult industry advocacy group The Free Speech Coalition has announced its new contract with the law office of Ignacio Hernandez for its lobbying efforts in the state of California.

“Ignacio is a highly effective lobbyist,” said FSC Executive Director Diane Duke. “As an attorney and a lobbyist, he not only knows his way around the state capital, he knows his way around the law.”

Ignacio Hernandez, the firm’s founder, has served as the chief of staff for State Senator Gloria Romero and as committee consultant for the Assembly Committee on Public Safety. Most recently, he was president and board member for Law Raza Lawyers of Sacramento and is California Judicial Counsel for the Criminal Law Advisory Committee. His law firm is a full-service advocacy firm specializing in progressive issues with a client list that includes the Consumer Federation of California, California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, Farmworker Institute for Leadership and Development (FIELD) and the Latino Issues Forum.

Hernandez comes to this position highly recommended by FSC coalition partner the ACLU.

“With budget shortfalls and a struggling economy, it is going to be a tough year in the California State Legislature for business in general and particularly adult business," Duke said. "Ignacio’s superior lobby skills, combined with his high level of professionalism and ethical standards make him the clear choice for FSC. We couldn’t be happier to have him as part of our team.”

For more information on the FSC, visit the official website.