Falcon Checks Into ‘Asylum’

JC Adams
SAN FRANCISCO — Director John Bruno has wrapped “Asylum” for Falcon Entertainment. Production took place at Linda Vista Hospital, an abandoned medical facility in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles whose spooky aspect has led to its frequent use in mainstream film and television production.

The facility is purportedly haunted. “Ever since laying eyes on the infamous hospital about four years ago, John Bruno has persistently campaigned to make ‘Asylum’ at this location,” the studio said.

Studio exclusive Erik Rhodes headlines with stablemates Ty Colt and TJ Hawke. Supporting players include Rod Daily, Leo Giamani, Dominic Pacifico, Ryan Raz and Diesel Washington.

“This is a film I’ve been motivated to make based solely on this incredible location,” Bruno said. “I’ve toured and re-toured the hospital over the last four years and could not get it out of my head. I had to shoot there.”

Bruno said “Asylum,” currently wrapping post-production, is “not your typical Falcon production. It’ll show a side of the studio we haven’t seen.”

He cites a duo vignette between Rhodes and costar Giamani as “one of the best scenes I’ve directed with Erik. I didn’t want to leave out the morgue so I found a way to get him ‘on the slab.’ Once inside the hospital, the entire cast became possessed by their surroundings. Their performances are really incredible.”

Bruno shot the film with creative input from Rhodes, who said he was “bitten by the directing bug” during production. “That hospital was fucking creepy as hell — my ideal set. John allowed me to make some creative suggestions even on the scenes I didn’t appear in, and gave me great feedback. I took a lot of notes and I am getting my ass in gear to hopefully direct soon.”

“Asylum” is set to drop mid-February. The studio will release a web-only edit of a threesome featuring Rhodes with Colt and Daily at FalconStudios.com on Jan. 22.

Wholesale-retail sales for the Falcon catalog are managed by Pulse Distribution.

Information about the Linda Vista Hospital can be found at LindaVistaLocation.com.

Rhodes recently earned an XBIZ Awards citation as GLBT Performer of the Year. Additionally, Bruno was cited as GLBT Director of the Year and Falcon received a nod in the GLBT Studio of the Year category.