YNOT Network Launches Legal Newsletter

Slav Kandyba
BURBANK, Calif. — YNOT Network has begun publishing a free monthly newsletter that will cover court decisions and legal updates of relevance to the adult industry.

The newsletter is free of charge and will be available to subscribers who sign up at YNOTLegalUpdate.com.

“Our goal is to provide an agile, relevant publication that educates and informs about everything from niggling legal details to emerging global political trends," said Kathee Brewer, who serves as the newsletter’s editor.

"We've got a new administration entering the White House in January, and most of the industry seems hopeful that we won't see as much emphasis on prosecuting consensual adult behavior as we have during the past eight years,” she said.

YNOT promises that the newsletter will contain analysis on legal topics pertaining to the adult industry and also offer synthesis of adult-related legal cases.

For his part, veteran director and performer Dave Cummings gave feedback about the launch.

"I picked up a copy of the YNOT Legal Update at an FSC event recently, and I found it very helpful and informative," Cummings said.