Adult Profit Announces Bonus Payouts for the Holidays

Tod Hunter
PARIS — Affiliate program Adult Profit is increasing payouts between Dec. 19-24, as one of Adult Profit's websites will be selected to pay $50 for each $1 trial sale, while payouts will increase to $75 for every Adult Profit website on Christmas Day.

The increased payouts are intended to reward existing webmasters and attract the attention of non-affiliates at a time when many affiliate programs are struggling.

"Our webmasters are the best," a company spokesman said. "After the initial shock of the global economic crisis had hit, our webmasters pulled up their socks and got to work. They started squeezing out sales where others couldn't. We have seen our sales rise to pre-crisis levels and for many webmasters they are even better now. We wanted to reward them during the holidays to show our appreciation."

Adult Profit started eight years ago as a small affiliate program offering only revenue sharing payouts and has grown into offering a variety of payout options including substantial one-time payments for $1 trials. Adult Profit promotes its flagship website, and among others.

For more information, visit the Adult Profit website or email