Michael Lucas Does ‘Russia’

JC Adams
NEW YORK CITY — The 27th installment in the pro/am series “Michael Lucas’ Auditions” took performer, director and Lucas Entertainment CEO Michael Lucas back to his birthplace in Russia. Production took place earlier this year during clashes between GLBT activists and the local government.

“Michael Lucas’ Auditions, Vol. 27: Michael Does Russia” is a single-disc release via Lucas Entertainment. Lucas toplines a cast that includes six local discoveries: Alex, Max Casper, Denis, Potter, Valentin and Yury.

“In addition to the sex, Michael also captured great interviews with the cast,” the studio announced. “The rights of gay and lesbian individuals are repeatedly under attack by the Russian government, and there are many touching moments” in the interviews.

“Material like this is a reminder of how lucky Americans are,” the studio said.

“I salute those Russians engaged in the struggle” for civil rights, Lucas wrote on his official blog prior to filming in Moscow. “But I do not want to waste my youth and my life fighting antigay bigots when instead I can live in New York City and enjoy some degree of freedom and respect for my rights.”

“It is dismaying that the Russian people are so intolerant,” he added. “Can they not look at their more evolved European neighbors?”

In related news, Lucas Entertainment has recently released the two-part feature “Return to Fire Island,” a return to fan-favorite “Fire Island Cruising” series.

“Michael Does Russia” streets Tuesday. For wholesale-retail information, contact Lucas Distribution online, or call (888) 562-9125.