Free Speech Coalition Drafts Code of Ethics

Slav Kandyba
CANOGA PARK, Calif. — The Free Speech Coalition has established a code of ethics that it hopes will improve the adult industry’s image and uphold the credibility of its employees.

FSC plans to utilize the document in working with its member businesses as well as in its lobbying efforts with state and national legislators. The full text of the code can be found by clicking here.

The code was drafted to “help in our efforts to tell the truth about the adult entertainment industry,” FSC Executive Director Diane Duke said.

Through it, she hopes to begin the process of defining the adult industry as an “ethical part of today’s society that adds to the quality of life for many consumers and a living wage and solid workplace for tens of thousands of employees,” she said in a statement.

Because professional integrity is the cornerstone of many employees’ credibility, Duke said, the purpose of the code is to provide those inside and out of the industry with guidelines for making ethical choices.

Next step for FSC will be to craft a document specifying “best practices” for individual industry segments, Duke said.

“Moving forward, FSC will work closely with each sector of the adult entertainment community to consider the application of the principles contained in the Code of Ethics to our businesses and our activities,” Duke said. “The adoption of this code of ethics is only the beginning of a process.”