Launches All-Inclusive Affiliate Program

Slav Kandyba
CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Grassroots content platform has launched an affiliate program that allows studios and the public to monetize and syndicate their uploaded content.

The program was under development for more than a year and in beta testing over the past six months, Amber T. Myers, ClipClinic’s director of business development, told XBIZ.

One of its unique features is that clips can be uploaded using up to seven different multimedia formats.

“It gives customers a lot more options as well as studios more opportunities to make more sales,” Myers said.

Another unique feature is that the site consolidates multiple logins into one, allowing users to view stats, upload clips, create stores and get affiliate linking codes in one convenient place.

The way it works is that a studio, or a person who owns a video clip, registers for a free account, uploads the clip and creates virtual stores to sell the clips. The user has control over the pricing of the content, with 99 cents being the lowest price point.

The 70 percent figure is the maximum combined total of 40 percent revenue that studios can get and 30 percent that affiliates earn for referring traffic.

“This was a brainstorm to be able to give people credit and money for sending traffic to their own store,” Myers said.

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