Allegations Surface Over Underage Adult Performer

Gretchen Gallen
LOS ANGELES – The FBI is reportedly investigating allegations that a performer using the name Mieke Michele Jackson was underage while working in the adult industry.

Jackson was allegedly using the stage names Seduction and Chantae.

The Free Speech Coalition sent out an alert advising all adult professionals to remove content associated with any performers named Seduction or Chantae and “seal it for attorney review and consultation.”

The age of the actress at the time she performed in adult films and how many films she appeared in remains unconfirmed.

The FSC also stated that Jackson has in her possession government-issued IDs to prove her alleged age, specifically, a California DMV-issued ID, with the date of birth listed as July 22, 1982, and a social security card, both with the name Mieke Michele Jackson.

"We have no knowledge as to the validity of the IDs in her possession," the FSC said.

Industry attorney Greg Piccionelli told XBiz that he had been contacted earlier by a party who was contacted by the FBI regarding Jackson.

Piccionelli confirmed that Jackson is African-American, but was unsure of her stage name Seduction or subsequent stage names.

“There appears to be a person who has done some photography and video in the industry known as Mieka Jackson who seems to have presented false identification and we’re looking into it,” Piccionelli said. “This could very well be another Traci Lords,” he said, referring to the 1980s actress who worked in more than 100 adult films while underage.

Piccionelli added that the Jackson case could possibly have ramifications for the FSC lawsuit with the Justice Department if in fact Jackson was a minor when she performed in adult videos.

“There is a chance we might be seeing 2257 inspections based around this person,” he said.