New Device Promises to Monitor Erectile Strength

Bob Preston
CYBERSPACE — The purveyors of a penile-enlargement tool have unveiled a new gadget that purports to measure the strength of an erection.

Sex aid company calls their new device the Erectile Quality Monitor (EQM). It's about the size of a remote control, and it works like this: A user give himself an erection and then press the tip of his penis against a sensor on the bottom of Erectile Quality Monitor. The device will then display a color-coded appraisal of the person's erectile strength. Operations Manager Brad Murran said that the EQM might come in handy for male performers in the industry.

"The only way I can really see this benefitting the industry directly is, say, male talent using the device," he told XBIZ. "Their dick is their lifeline, and if they all used this and found their [erection quality] was decreasing, they would know they need to fix that or risk being out of work."

Like most products from, the EQM comes with the endorsement of Dr. Stephen Lamm, the physician and author of "The Hardness Factor", which looks at erectile function as a leading indicator of overall health.

"What most don't know is that monitoring your erection quality can also be an early warning indicator for issues such as erectile dysfunction, diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease," he said, adding that "penile rigidity is quite simply the most important barometer of overall male health."

Dr. Lamm is a faculty member at the NYU Medical Center and a graduate of Columbia University's medical school.

FastSize pitches the EQM as a way to track penile health over time. The device comes with a measurement chart – a log of some kind – to track penile rigidity over time so as to satisfy curiosity or monitor the onset of erectile dysfunction.

The device got a mention on the mainstream tech blog Tech writer Jason Chen promised to offer a "hands-on" review of the product at a later date. also offers other products, not approved or endorsed by the FDA, that purport to help with sexual health. For more information, visit the official website.