Gay Adult Photos Turns 5 Years Old

JC Adams
LAS VEGAS — Content provider is celebrating its fifth year of operation with a 50 percent-off sale on more than 70,000 photos and hundreds of video clips.

Founded on Dec. 1, 2003, Gay Adult Photos is a sister company of production house Hot Desert Knights .

“It’s a way of saying thanks to our loyal webmaster customers,” HDK President and CEO Bill Gardner said.

“We know how tough the economy is for websites and we are aware that a lot of webmasters are struggling,” he said. “This is just our way of trying to help out our friends in the industry.”

Gay Adult Photos originally launched with 30,000 photos culled from HDK production shoots. Five years later, Gardner explained, its database has expanded to include “dozens of professional photographers worldwide who sell their photos and video sets though Gay Adult Photos.”

“We are extremely proud of the strides we’ve made during the last five years,” Gardner said. “Especially during the last couple of years when we’ve seen many content producers go out of business or reduce inventory.”

In related news, HDK recently signed a wholesale-retail sales pact with 1 Distribution.