Launches Ajax Custom Theater Tool

Slav Kandyba
TORONTO — Video-on-demand provider has launched its Ajax custom theater tool, an editable white label powered by advanced streaming technology.

“When we sat down to design this custom theater, we had three guiding principles to follow,” said Chris Marion, AdultRental’s product manager. “The first being usability, we wanted to make a VOD site that a webmaster, regardless of experience, could build in matter of minutes.

“Our second standard was to make the theater utterly malleable to an affiliate’s preferences, to shape and style it as they saw fit,” he said. “And lastly, we wanted to create a promotional tool that not only disseminated our product, but promoted our partners brand just as effectively. For example, our custom theater can be used on a webmaster’s domain or sub-domain, endorsing our services and their name seamlessly.”

Adult Rental offers $35 per signup or 35 percent revenue share. The company streams 40,000 videos without consoles and cross-sells.

“What I find most innovating about this editable white label is that you can see your changes as you make them,” Marion said. “ Drag-and-drop windows, load backgrounds, logos and headers. Play around with color schemes, experiment with layouts, choose content by studio or genre or both — it’s all remarkably intuitive and makes a beautifully complete package.”

And although the tool is on the cutting edge of technology, Marion believes it has room to go, he told XBIZ.

“I consider it to never be a finished tool,” he said. “What I mean by that specifically is that we will continue to update our new tool with new customizable features; whether it is based on new technology that we implement into Adult Rental, or requested features from our webmasters.”

A demo of the new tool can be viewed at this link.