Reality Kings' 'Money Talks' Set to Bow on Playboy TV

Tod Hunter
LOS ANGELES — Web producer Reality Kings' new TV series “Money Talks” offers men and women money to do stunts and live out their fantasies "for a handful of cold, hard cash." The show was inspired by the Reality Kings Money Talks website.

“We are thrilled to have a new series that comes from one of the most popular sites in the incredibly successful Reality Kings lineup of websites and provides a unique combination of humor and sexy fun,” said Todd Schwartz, vice president of programming for Playboy TV.

The stunts for men on the show include dodging rocketing racquet balls, attempting a dangerous motorcycle stunt or taking a punch from one of the world’s most-feared street fighters, MMA fighter Kimbo Slice. Although the stunts seem intimidating at first, money seems to defuse the contestants' reluctance.

. The “Money Talks” crew also tempts women from all walks of life — from tanning salons to photo booths to a local doughnut shop — to satisfy their customers in every way possible. These amateur working girls quickly realize how much more exciting, and profitable, their efforts can be when they get a visit from “Money Talks.”

Hosted by Nadine, “Money Talks” is an original series from Reality Kings, one of the leading producers of online adult content. For more information, the Reality Kings website.

First launched in 1982, Playboy TV is available in more than 63 million homes nationwide and in more than 70 countries throughout Europe, Latin America and Asia. For more information, visit the Playboy TV website.

“Money Talks” will premiere on Playboy TV Saturday, Dec. 20, at 9 p.m. ET/PT.