Buttman Makes Comeback With ‘Stretch Class’

Slav Kandyba
LOS ANGELES — Evil Angel owner John Stagliano will release “Buttman’s Stretch Class” on Thursday.

The 3-hour 23-minute movie will ship in DVD and Blu-ray formats as the first double-disc release from either Evil Angel or Buttman Magazine Choice, a subsidiary company.

Stretch Class features solo tease and masturbation scenes from Jandi Lin, Claire Adams, Aline and Monica Santhiago. Stagliano supplies the four performers with large sex toys, fetish gear and contortion. The second disc in the set shows behind-the-scenes footage with the girls.

“This is what I would shoot if I was just making porn for myself — and maybe a few of my close friends,” Stagliano said. “Me and a girl, for the afternoon — no pressure. I explore, she shows off, then gets off.”

Bonus footage includes a scene with Claire Adams with dominant Damien getting her off.

A Flash trailer for the movie will be available this week at EvilAngel.com.