Marcelo Mastro Named 2008 AMG Brasilian of the Year

SAN FRANCISCO — AMG Brasil held an event in Rio de Janeiro this weekend to honor Marcelo Mastro with the title of 2008 AMG Brasilian of the Year.

The studio bestowed the award on Mastro following the release of “Rio,” his third film for the studio. He has appeared in several U.S. publications including “Freshmen,” “Latin Inches” and “XXX Showcase.”

“Every year there’s one performer that really stands out in our films, and this year it was Marcelo,” Bell said. “I didn’t even have to think about it. When the question came up during a meeting last month, we all knew who it was going to be. Marcelo has done a lot this year, and it’s paid off both for him and the studio.”

“Rio,” the studio’s documentary-style hardcore feature was released last week and is available at