Pubic Hair Dye Supplier Plans to Launch Men’s Line

Slav Kandyba
NEW YORK — Betty Beauty, a start-up that supplies pubic hair dye, has announced plans to launch a men’s line in 2009.

The company, founded by Nancy Jarecki, has quickly won over mainstream celebrities, among them actors Ben Stiller and Jack Black as well as country singer Vince Gill.

After sending music industry mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs a package of the “entire assortment of colors” that Betty Beauty supplies, the company received a thank-you note from his assistant, Jarecki told the Page Six gossip column in the New York Post.

"I guess man-scaping for guys is really big these days," she said.

According to the company website, Jarecki came upon the idea of starting Betty Beauty after observing stylists at a hair salon in Rome covertly handing paper bags of dye to customers “er sotto, per farli combaciare,” which translates to “for the hair down there — to make it match.”

With substantial mainstream media exposure, the company claims on its website to have a mostly female customer base of 100,000.

“Sophisticated women, who spent time and lots of money getting their hair color just right, had no solution for coloring the hair down there,” according to the site. “It was clear women — and even some men — were desperate for a product like this.”