Loverlays Furniture Seeks U.S. Distribution

RYDALMERE NSW, Australia — Australian intimate adult furniture company Loverlays Furniture is seeking U.S. distribution.

Loverlays products include Overlays, which are water-resistant blankets, and the Tantra Lounge, an ottoman with removable curve attachments that store within when not in use.

“After the Overlays, we thought what else could make sex more interesting,” Loverlays director and founder Gavin Bernstein said. “This led to extensive research on the Internet and what we found was most products were pretty harsh. There were swings and contraptions that essentially weren’t natural and required special hooks and even a dedicated room. Some products, we considered, would be out of place in an average suburban home.”

Loverlays products range in price from $99-$899 at its online store.

Loverlays is currently seeking U.S. distribution. For more information, contact Gavin Bernstein at