Jet Set Wraps ‘Screwed’

JC Adams,
NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Gay adult studio Jet Set Productions has wrapped “Screwed,” a new jailhouse-themed feature from director Chris Steele with a script by John Tegan. Production was lensed at ProFac Studios, the company’s newly constructed production facility and soundstage in North Hollywood.

Steele also serves as Jet Set’s head of production, while Tegan is director of marketing.

Newcomers Cayden Banks and Vince Ferelli fill out a cast that includes Rod Daily, Tyler Marks, Mason Ross, Kash Satal, David Taylor and Austin Wrigley.

“A cast of hot new guys, a story that takes several twists and an amazing set should add up to one hell of a movie,” Steele said.

Tegan, who also produced, said the cast enjoyed playing out a theme of competiveness and one-upmanship. He described the action as “rugged guys on both sides of the prison bars who get fucked and fucked over by each other.”

Tegan wrote and directed Jet Set’s recently released “Muscle Mountain” with Patrick Bateman, Jeremy Bilding, David Dakota and Derec Stone.

Next on the docket is the Blu-ray edition of October release “Slide” starring Dakota and Stone with Shane Erickson, Derrick Vinyard and Dylan Wood.

Jet Set plans a January release date for “Screwed.” Wholesale-retail sales for the studio are handled by Marina Pacific Distributors.