Falcon Debuts Web-Only ‘Blue Movie’ Fetish

JC Adams, GayPornTimes.com
SAN FRANCISCO —Falcon Entertainment will unveil web-exclusive fetish content on its official site that was shot during production of the forthcoming “Blue Movie” feature on the Mustang Studios label. The footage will not appear in the retail or video-on-demand versions of the film.

It is the first time Falcon has produced fetish content focused on watersports, and the first time the company has invested in web-exclusive footage.

“Blue Movie” co-directors Steve Cruz and Leif Gobo agreed to shoot the additional content — featuring Dillon Buck and newcomer Adam Herst with erotica legend Zak Spears — even though Falcon did not intend to use it for the film.

The footage was “strategically filmed” so that a watersports threesome could be edited for web-only release and extra time was not tacked onto the actors’ shoot schedule.

“This scene and the way it is being offered is groundbreaking for Falcon Entertainment,” Falcon Promotions Director Troy Prickett said. “Prior to ‘Blue Movie’ Falcon has only scratched the surface of the watersports fetish. Our films like ‘Deception’ and ‘Shock’ came close, but neither featured a full-on watersports scene.”

Cruz and Gobo said they initially ruled out a planned watersports shoot for “Blue Movie” because such content didn’t fit within the company’s traditional distribution channels.

However, Falcon had already begun pre-releasing certain vignettes — such as Zeb Atlas’ hardcore sex debut in the recent “Best Men” two-part feature. Execs proposed shooting a web-only scene that would be folded into the production schedule and the filmmakers took to the idea.

Prickett said the web-only watersports vignette will begin streaming Nov. 26.

In related news, a third installment of Cruz’ “Blue Movie” production diary has been cross-posted between the Falcon Studios blog and his own blog.