Barrett Long Pro/Am Site Offers Prizes

JC Adams,
SAN DIEGO — Performer Barrett Long has announced a promotional contest tied to the launch of, Long’s pro/am website, as well as his official blog. The contest winner will be awarded a prize package consisting of Long memorabilia, including various DVDs and novelties.

A winner will be chosen at random on Jan. 1.

The prize package swag is set to include a Barrett Long Replica Dildo, a 2009 poster calendar featuring Long, an autographed photo, and a selection of DVDs including “The Porne Ultimatum (Dirty Bird Pictures), as well as the first three installments of “Long Deployment” (Active Duty).

“It’s all about my fans,” Long said. “Without them, I wouldn’t be doing this. I’d just be some guy with a big dick and a camcorder.” He said the website and blog are designed to make him “more accessible” to admirers.

Fans may enter the contest via Long’s blog at once they have signed up for a membership.

Long said industry bloggers are invited to enter without joining the membership site.

Further information may be obtained via email. Contact Long Media Inc. for details.